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Freddy's Foundation, Inc., is a non-profit charitable organization established to aid the recovery of people struggling with addiction.  Through fundraising activities, donations, and the sale of Freddy's Foundation items, we hope to raise money to benefit Faith Farm Ministries, where Freddy got clean and found a second chance at life.

Addiction to illegal drugs, prescription drugs, and alcohol can destroy people.  Addicts can lose their jobs, their homes, their families, and even their lives.  Recovery from addiction can seem overwhelming and impossible, so it requires commitment, determination, and professional support.

Faith Farm Ministries is a faith-based facility that enables recovering addicts to remove themselves from destructive environments full of temptation and bad habits.  It provides an atmosphere where recovering addicts are surrounded by people with a common goal and where counseling is available 24 hours a day.  Additionally, students who complete the nine-month Faith Farm program have the option to work or attend school in the community and then return to the campus at the end of the day, providing them the opportunity to gradually reintegrate into society, thereby greatly improving their chances of a successful recovery.

Faith Farm operates solely on donations, taking the burden off family members and removing any financial reasons for an addict not to join the program.  Further, broken appliances that are donated are repaired by the students and sold in the Faith Farm Thift Store resulting in the students keeping their hands and minds busy while benefitting the program through their productivity.

The goal of Freddy's Foundation is to raise $27,000, the cost of Faith Farm's nine-month program.  Every penny we raise will be given to Faith Farm in an effort to save the life of someone who might have otherwise died on the streets. 

Click here for more information about Faith Farm Ministries.